News in Briefs May 17- Indians On Global Warming, Blupine & Anganwadi Workers, Honeywell-Enel North America

News in Briefs May 17- Indians On Global Warming, Blupine & Anganwadi Workers, Honeywell-Enel North America

91 Percent of People in India are Worried About Global Warming

Large majorities of the Indian public say global warming is happening, a serious threat to India, and support government action on climate change, according to results from a nationally representative survey released in the United States by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and CVoter International.

The report, titled “Climate Change in the Indian Mind, 2023,” finds that:

  • 54% of people in India say they know either “just a little” about global warming or have never heard of it, while only 10% say they know “a lot.”
  • However, when given a short definition of global warming and how it affects weather patterns, 78% of people in India say they think global warming is happening.
  • 52% think global warming is caused mostly by human activities, while 38% think it is caused mostly by natural changes in the environment.
  • Majorities think global warming affects weather in their local area (71%) and monsoons in India (76%) either “a lot” or “some.”

Honeywell Partners With ENEL North America to Help Stabilize Power Grids Through Energy Management Automation

Honeywell has announced a partnership with Enel North America to enhance building automation and demand response solutions for commercial and industrial organizations by using automation to control and regulate energy loads to help stabilize the power grid.

This will enable organizations to seamlessly integrate demand response programs into their facilities while simultaneously maximizing operational efficiency. By leveraging Enel’s comprehensive energy portfolio customers can now use automated demand response solutions to help prevent blackouts and grid outages in their communities during peak usage periods.

BluPine Energy Supports Upgradation Of Anganwadi Centers To Help Young Mothers Restart Economic Activities

BluPine Energy, a leading renewable energy services company established in India by global infrastructure investor Actis has supported the upgrading of Anganwadi centers in Kothadi and Madh villages of Rajasthan, along with extended infrastructural support to government primary schools in the region. The inauguration ceremony was graced by Additional Director – Secondary Education, Rajasthan – Mrs. Pratibha Deothia.

During an assessment, the company observed a need for improvement in Anganwadi centers in and around its area of operation. Despite government-appointed daycare workers and sponsored mid-day meals, dilapidated conditions and lack of facilities discouraged parents from entrusting their children for the full day in these centers. Through this programmatic initiative, BluPine has to date directly benefited over 800 beneficiaries by upgrading six Anganwadis across India in the states of Madhya Pradesh (Richha, Dehriya, Napakhera), Rajasthan (Kothadi and Madh), and Telangana (Munukuntla). The upgrading work not only focused on repairing civil infrastructure but also provided other essential amenities like furniture, RO water systems, fans, inverters, LED TVs, lights, Udit corners, swing sets, beds, and first aid kits. This fosters a safer environment for children and enables mothers to resume economic activities early with peace of mind. The endeavor to upgrade Anganwadi also supports Asha Workers in fulfilling their duties towards the well-being of the community.

Additionally, the company has also invested in 5 Government schools in Rajasthan and Telangana. The company has provided classroom furniture, school bags, and RO systems which have benefited over 450 students. These facilities encourage the active participation of students, improve attendance, and reduce dropout rates, ultimately contributing to brighter career prospects for the students.

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