Neurosurgeon in Brownsville wins solar panel patent

Neurosurgeon solar panel

Brownsville neurosurgeon Dr. Madhavan Pisharodi has won patent for improved solar panel, which is capable to trap much of the wasted sunlight that reflects off conventional solar panels.

Patent office describes Pisharodi’s solar panel patent as “photovoltaic systems with intermittent and continuous and intermittent recycling of light.”

The patented panel reprocesses sunlight within the panel instead of bouncing it back. The panels are more

The panel essentially recycles sunlight within the panel instead of immediately reflecting it off, he said. Pisharodi’s panels are more intricate than the original ones and are expected to be more expensive to manufacture, though the extra cost would be balanced by efficience of the panels and the fact that fewer panels would be required.

Speaking to BrownsvilleHerald, Dr. Madhavan Pisharodi said “I’m not yet ready to market it, and it’s still in the research stage.”

Pisharodi’s solar panel could have wide application; however developing idea into a working prototype will take some time, research and money.

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