Mouser is now offering gallium nitride (GaN) solutions from Panasonic

Mouser is now offering gallium nitride (GaN) solutions from Panasonic

Mouser Electronics is stocking

Mouser Electronics is stocking Panasonic’s gallium nitride (GaN) solutions to meet efficiency and power density needs. Panasonic’s gallium nitride technology can help save energy and reduce system size in a variety of industrial and consumer power-switching systems.

GaN solutions comprise power transistors, gate drivers, and evaluation boards that engineers can use to reduce energy loss in a variety of power applications, including power supplies, solar power inverters, motor drives, and electric vehicle (EV) devices.

Panasonic GaN solutions take advantage of GaN compound on a silicon substrate with high breakdown voltage and low conduction resistance characteristics, which enable higher-speed switching and easier miniaturization than traditional silicon devices.

The PGA26E19BA GaN surface-mount (SMD) power transistor is an enhancement mode, normally off power switch with 600V blocking voltage.

Panasonic’s PGA26C09DV GaN power transistor also provides 600V blocking voltage and prevents current collapse, but in a TO-220 package, it will be available to order from Mouser. Both the devices flaunt zero recovery loss and come with Panasonic’s proprietary Gate Injection Transistor technology to achieve low on-state resistance. Panasonic’s proprietary Gate Injection Transistor technology also prevents current collapse, increase resistance during the application of high voltage and ensures safe operation of the GaN device at high voltages.

Mouser is also stocking Panasonic’s AN34092B high-speed gate driver, specialized for driving the SMD or TO-220 GaN transistor with minimal external components. This single-channel high-speed gate driver integrates constant source current and negative voltage circuitry and enables adjustable source current (2.5 mA to 25 mA) with an external resistor. The AN34092B gate driver provides under-voltage lockout and thermal shutdown protections as well as monitoring circuitry for VR pin voltage and negative voltage.

The PGA26E19BA SMD transistor and AN34092B gate driver are supported by the PGA26E19BA-SWEVB006 chopper evaluation board, also available from Mouser Electronics.

Engineers can test the switching characteristics of the PGA26C09DV TO-220 transistor at turn-on and turn-off by using the PGA26C09DV-SWEVB001 evaluation board.

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