MNRE asks Channel Partners, SNAs, PSUs and Agencies to ensure Geotagging of all renewable Energy projects

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Government of India has setup an ambitious target of installing I 00 GW of Solar Power by 2022, which include 40GW of grid connected rooftop solar (RTS). RTS sector has tremendous potential for generating decentralized and distributed solar power by utilizing the rooftop and vacant areas of industrial, commercial, residential, institutional, social and public buildings.

Given the importance of the target, progress of the project is being directly monitored by PM’s Office (PMO). Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued a statement asking all Channel Partners (New Entrepreneurs) /SNAs/ PSUs and other Implementing Agencies to ensure Geotagging of all renewable energy projects and resources.

MNRE notes that geotagging of already executed projects and new projects are necessary. In this regard, necessary steps have to be undertaken for rooftop solar projects (rooftop and vacant land) as follows.

(a) Subsidized Category: SNAs/PSUs and other implementing agencies are hereby directed to regularly update details of commissioned projects in SPIN portal of MNRE with additional details such as Latitude-Longitude of site and photographs of the project. SNAs should coordinate with Channel partners (including new entrepreneurs) to avoid duplicity in entering data.

(b) Non-subsidized Category: Channel Partners (including new entrepreneurs) must update on SPIN complete details of all projects commissioned by them till date under non-subsidized category by 30.10.2016. The performance of the Channel Partners (including new entrepreneurs), as reflected by the commissioned projects in SPIN, will be considered for renewal of Channel Partner certificate and also for up-gradation of New Entrepreneurs to Channel Partners.

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