MNRE Allows Time Extension For Solar/Hybrid Projects Only In ‘Genuine Cases’

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MNRE asked RE Project Implementing Agencies to scrutinize such requests on case-to-case basis.

MNRE Allows Time Extension For Solar/Hybrid Projects Only In ‘Genuine Cases’ Windstream hybrid microgrid project in tribal hamlet

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued a fresh order to act against erring renewable energy project developers who willfully delay clean energy projects and ask for relaxations on commissioning dates. 

In its latest Order, the ministry said it gave the renewable energy implementing agencies like SECI, NTPC, and NHPC the power to extend the scheduled commissioning date (SCD) to March 31, 2024, of such solar and hybrid projects. 

It was meant for such projects whose bid submission was on or after April 10, 2021, and SCD was before March 31, 2024. However, on January 25 this year, another MNRE order said that those projects whose bids were finalized before March 9, 2021, might be granted time for completion of projects up to March 2024.

However, the latest Order said the provisions were meant for such projects where the delays were genuine. It also asked the RE project implementing agency (REIAs) to scrutinize such demands on a case-to-case basis. 

“The REIAs (SECI, NTPC & NHPC) shall diligently examine, on case to case basis, the requests received by them for seeking extensions…and shall grant time-extensions in only such cases where the developer has diligently taken steps to complete the project but has not been able to complete the project for reasons beyond his control,” the Order said.

It also added, “Where the developer has taken no steps to implement the project but is merely sitting on the award, such projects shall not qualify for extension; and consequence of cancellation of the project will follow. This policy will apply to all cases of request for a grant of extension – the developer must demonstrate that he has taken all possible measures to implement the project – but has not been able to do so for reasons beyond his control. The questions to be asked in such cases will be – Has the land been acquired? Have Orders been placed for modules/BoP/ BoS, etc?” 

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