MiaSolé, European Solliance Claim 26.5% Efficiency on Tandem Solar Cells

MiaSolé, European Solliance Claim 26.5% Efficiency on Tandem Solar Cells

Hanergy owned MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp and European Solliance Solar Research claim to have achieved a power conversion efficiency of 26.5% on a tandem solar cell. The new record builds on their previous record in 2019. The architecture combines two thin-film solar cell technologies: a top rigid semi-transparent perovskite solar cell with a bottom flexible copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) cell.

Miasole claims that this impressive efficiency was achieved by optimizing the bandgap and the efficiency of both the rigid semi-transparent perovskite top cell and the flexible CIGS bottom cell. The CIGS was roll to roll produced on steel foil, with an impressive power conversion efficiency of 20.0%.

“Rollable, ultra light, solar cells and modules have dramatically expanded the applications of solar energy in infrastructure, electrical vehicles, and mobile energy markets. MiaSolé has delivered a rollable solar cell efficiency of 20.56% and a large area module efficiency of 18.64% on production ready equipment, and we will keep breaking more world records together with Solliance to build perovskite/CIGS tandem technology for the future.” Added Dr. Jie Zhang, CEO of the US-based MiaSolé.

The stable and scalable semi-transparent perovskite solar cell have been developed on glass. This cell architecture is currently transferred to a flexible carrier enabling a fully flexible, highly efficient solar foil. The device was optimized to maximize the visible light conversion and at the same time to maximize the infrared light transparency in order to allow the majority of infrared light to reach the bottom CIGS cell. This approach resulted in an efficiency of 17.5% for the top device, measured at the maximum powerpoint, tracked for 5 minutes. At Solliance TNO, imec, and TU/e contributed to realize this perovskite solar cell.

MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp. has been a leading firm in rollable thin-film solar technology. Its proprietary turnkey equipment lines, CIGS process technologies, CIG sputtering target technologies, advanced automation and spare parts services seek to provide customers everything they need to produce their own innovative high-efficiency solar products. Founded in 2004, the firm has evolved into the world leader in thin-film solar module efficiency and offers the largest commercially available rollable shatterproof solar modules up to 540w/piece at weight 2.2 kg/m².

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