Mango Power to Unveil 4.35kW Home-&-Portable Hybrid Battery on Nov23

Highlights :

  • Mango Power opens distribution and consumer sales on Indiegogo for its new home and portable battery.
  • With 4.35kW capacity and 19 output ports, the product promises fast charging through roof or portable solar panels, claims the company.
Mango Power to Unveil 4.35kW Home-&-Portable Hybrid Battery on Nov23

Battery system Mango Power Union, another addition to the nascent but fast growing home and portable segment for storage using lithium batteries, will be available for purchase on November 23rd through Indiegogo, according to a recent official statement.

Mango Power is a green energy brand focused on developing home power supply solutions, portable power devices and related accessories.

“There are three things that have made Mango Power Union the most awaited product of the year for the home energy industry: It’s a two-in-one solution. You don’t need to pay twice to get a home and a portable energy system. Its capacity remarkably exceeds that of other solutions in the market, ensuring a robust and long-lasting energy coverage. Last but not least, it has the world’s-first built-in dual PV inverter, which promises some of the fastest charging speeds in the market, either through AC wall outlets or solar panels” says Steve Wang, CEO of Mango Power.

Sales open to consumers through offerings in Indiegogo. To end consumers, Mango Power is offering a “super early bird price” of USD 2,799.

The company plans to follow up this launch with 3 additional products from its ecosystem in the upcoming months, Power Move, Power Home, and Power Home mInverter.

The firm mentions the following key features of MangoPower Union:

1. Home and Portable, all-in-one approach: Beyond Power Outages.

Power Union is a modular power station consisting of two parts: a large, heavy-duty home base and a smaller, detachable unit designed for portability. The smaller module – “Power Move” – comes packed with 2,000 watts of power and 2,300 watt hours of capacity, and is designed to be carried wherever the user might want power. When attached to the stronger “Power Home” base module, they form the Mango Power Union, which can offer 4,000W/6,900WH emergency power. The Power Union also integrates the backup gateway and dual PV inverter in the device.

2. Hands-on Energy: An app tracking energy performance and your environmental footprint

Available for iOS and Android, the user can track: Available power; Charging rate; Temperature; and Charging mode. Apart from that, the application has a series of social functions, such as a leaderboard sharing function that allows users to compare how sustainable they are compared to other users of the app.

The app is gives environmental data to track one’s environmental impact footprint. It displays the conversion of solar energy in KWh, carbon emissions expressed in tons and tree planting equivalents, resulting from the company’s partnership with One Tree Planted. The app also estimates how much the customer is saving by utilising rooftop solar power, if they choose to do so, in comparison to just using the grid.

3. Attractive Design – Adds value to a functional device

The company explains that it has endeavoured to produce focus on tasteful design as a core element of the user’s experience. “Apart from a modern look that can blend in most households, light indicators also have light pilots that provide information about your power situation,” says Mango Power.

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