Maharashtra Leads In Country With Largest EV Charging Infra 

Highlights :

  • Maharashtra has 2,494 EV operational charging stations(OC) and 4,211 charging points.
  • Union Minister RK Singh shared the data in parliament recently. 
Maharashtra Leads In Country With Largest EV Charging Infra  Growth Of EV Market Highest In China, EU, Says WRI Report

While the growth of Electric Vehicle (EV) has become indispensable to the automobile sector in the country, some states have spearheaded the movement. The latest data from the government claimed that among all Indian states, Maharashtra installed the highest number of operational charging stations.  

The latest data shared by the Union Minister of New and Renewable Energy RK Singh before the Lok Sabha said that Maharashtra now hosts the largest of 2,494 EV operational charging stations(OC). The state also has the highest of 4,211 charging points (CP). 

It was followed by Delhi with 1,627 OC & 3,247 CP, Karnataka (757 & 1680, Uttar Pradesh (469 & 852), Tamil Nadu (459 & 1320), Rajasthan (373 & 629), Andhra Pradesh (307 & 355), Gujarat (303 & 601), Haryana (279 & 625) and Madhya Pradesh (267 & 438). 

As per the data, while the country has rapidly expanded the number of public EV stations, it still requires building the necessary infrastructure to maintain it. With an increase in the number of EVs in the country, as per the data, currently, till 31st July 2023, there are a total of 17,236 public EV charging points operational across the country, as per data shared by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). 

EV Charging Infra 
Maharashtra leads the chart in EV charging. Source: Lok Sabha

Maharashtra leads the chart in EV charging. Source: Lok Sabha


The minister said that the Ministry of Power has undertaken various initiatives. For instance, in 2018, the ministry clarified the status of Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles. In his reply, he shared data on the sanctioned EV charging stations, which under the reformed Electricity Act, 2003 does not require any license to set up public charging stations. 

The ministry also formulated a guideline and standard for public EV charging station infrastructure. As per the Ministry of Power, some of the key guidelines include introducing the Revenue Sharing Model to provide land at promotional rates for public charging stations and releasing guidelines for charging EVs. Some procedures prescribed include providing a single-part EV tariff for public charging stations. 


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