“The Transformation of Energy System is not Going to Happen Overnight and We Should all Participate in it!” LONGi Chairman Zhong Baoshen Appeals to The Public

The application of clean energy and vigorous development of energy storage technology provide us with a new way of life: we can enjoy eco-friendly and low-cost energy without sacrificing the quality of life.

At present, the global energy structure is accelerating to the direction of low carbon and carbon free. The transformation represented by new energy production and application is blowing the horn of a new round of energy revolution in the world. The new energy industry, represented by wind power and photovoltaic, has developed rapidly and become a key move made by China to “overtake on a bend” in the field of energy.

Transformation of Energy System

“Over the past five years, the proportion of coal-fired power has fallen by 7.5%, which means the proportion of renewable energy has increased by 7.5%. I believe the proportion will exceed 7.5% in 5 years, renewable energy will become dominant in the entire energy system in 10 years, and will probably reach 100% in most places in a longer term,” said Mr. Zhong Baoshen, President of China New Energy Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. at the 12th China New Energy International Forum (NEX2018) yesterday.

At the press conference of the Forum, Mr. Zhong Baoshen said: “in recent years, extreme climates occurred frequently around the world, including extremely hot weather and devastating typhoons, demonstrating the growing importance of environmental protection. The application of clean energy and vigorous development of energy storage technology provide us with a new way of life: we can enjoy eco-friendly and low-cost energy without sacrificing the quality of life.”

China promised in the Paris Agreement that its fossil fuel use would peak by 2030. But Mr. Zhong claims that the progress has been accelerated by the achievements of clean energy in recent years, and China’s fossil fuel use will surely peak within 5 years, and clean energy is very likely to dominate China’s energy sector within 10 years, faster than anyone can image.

main clean energy is an important support

Photovoltaic as the main clean energy is an important support to accelerate the energy transitions and build a modern energy system. In recent years, due to the continuous cost reduction, convenience, cleanliness and other advantages, photovoltaic power generation has been booming everywhere in the world. In the “Dialogue of PV Leaders” held on the first day of the Forum, Mr. Zhong Baoshen shared his views on “Opportunities and Challenges in the Post-Subsidy Era of PV”.

Mr. Zhong said: “the technological progress in photovoltaic power generation has brought about continuous reduction in costs, and I believe that in the next 3-4 years minimum power generation costs will be available in at least 60% of the world. They have already been realized in South America, the Middle East, India, North Africa, and Southern Europe, where photovoltaic power is cheaper than coal-fired power. In Qinghai, China, the bidding price is as low as RMB0.31 (US$0.04). All these have successfully demonstrated the low-cost development potential of PV.”

It is precisely because of the rapid development of new energy technologies that we have seen the basic conditions that can change our environment without increasing the cost of energy, in other words, we can obtain cheaper, adequate, sustainable clean energy without sacrificing the quality of life.

“LONGi has also taken actions and continued to work for it. We have been in the pursuit of the economy of clean energy. As a technology innovation-led enterprise, we are committed to driving technological progress of the industry and reducing the cost of industrial use, so that clean energy can become affordable, which is LONGi’s mission.

When one day we believe photovoltaic can compete with fossil fuels completely, by then, photovoltaic power will have become one of the lowest cost energy sources. The transformation of energy system is not going to happen overnight. We need to build a new energy system, and we should all participate in it. I believe that only with the joint efforts of all mankind, clean energy can increasingly become a social consensus,” said Mr. Zhong Baoshen at the press conference.

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