Leading Experts Talk on India’s Utility Scale Solar At Webinar By GoodWe

Leading Experts Talk on India’s Utility Scale Solar At Webinar By GoodWe

SaurEnergy brought together a distinguished panel of industry experts to discuss India’s utility scale solar trajectory in an Exclusive webinar conducted on 24th Feb’23. Sponsored by GoodWe, the webinar was on the topic ‘The Next Big Expansion in India’s utility Scale Solar” with participating experts included Col. Narendra Verma, COO (utility Scale RE Projects) at Cleanmax, Vinay Pabba, COO at Vibrant Energy, Subrahmanyam Pulipaka, CEO, National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) and Aniket Sawant (Regional Sales and Key Accounts Manager) GoodWe. The discussion saw an informative and frank exchange of views moderated by Prasanna Singh, Co-Founder and Group Editor at SaurEnergy.

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India’s utility scale solar capacity is nudging 55 GW, and is targeted to touch 240 GW under the 300 GW solar capacity scenario for 2030. With initiatives like Green Hydrogen production expected to take up a substantial amount of solar capacity, the experts urged the government to think beyond the existing numbers and be even more ambitious.

If Col. Verma expected to see an ever growing role for artificial intelligence in the roll out and management of solar capacity, NSEFI’s Subrahmanyam was very hopeful of the co-existence of solar with agriculture, to work around the challenge of land acquisition and scarcity.

Vinay Pabba of Vibrant Energy highlighted how higher demand growth has built a very strong case for faster roll out of renewable energy, especially solar. Making a case for a much more faster scale up to meet this incremental demand growth, Pabba stressed that this demand growth will overshadow the commitments made by India, which could be met even in a business as usual scenario.

GoodWe’s Sawant stressed on the rising efficiency and resilience of solar plants, thanks to the progress made with inverter technology and research.

Financing for solar, other solar technologies like CSP (Concentrated Solar Power), the role of the C&I sector in utility scale capacity creation, the impact of perovskite technology and challenges linked to hiring and jobs creation in the sector also came up for discussion.

For webinar participants, the webinar provided a holistic view of the many opportunities, and challenges in the growth trajectory of utility scale solar in India.

The webinar was sponsored by GoodWe, the global solar inverter firm which has a strong presence across India’s solar markets with a strong track record of quality projects delivered in the country.

The full webinar recording will shortly be available on the SaurEnergy Youtube page.

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