Kerala State Electricity Board’s solar panel atop dam gets ready

Kerala State Electricity Board’s (KSEB) dam-top solar project located on the Banasura Sagar Dam at Padinharethara in Wayanad district is all set for commissioning.

Kerala State Electricity Board

Developed with an estimated cost of Rs.4.293 crore, the dam-top solar plant is expected to generate five lakh units of power a year. Installed on the dam-top road at a length of 285 metres, the plant has been commissioned using 1760 solar panels, each with a capacity of 250 Watts. The panels are capable of withstanding wind up to 150 kmph.

Apart from nine inverters with 50-KW capacity each, the major highlight of the dam-top solar project is the use of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) technology that will facilitate the controller to monitor or operate the system sitting from anywhere around the globe using the internet possibilities.

The power generated from plant will be transmitted to the 33-kV substation of the KSEB at Padinharethara.

Via: TheHindu

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