Kenyatta University Turns on 100KW Solar Power Plant

The 100KW solar power plant has cost a total of Sh17mn (US$165,400) and is located on the university’s main campus in Kenyan capital city, Nairobi.

solar power plant

Kenyatta University located in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, has switched on the first phase of its solar power plant.

The 100KW solar project has cost a total of Sh17mn (US$165,400) and is located on the university’s main campus off of Thika Road, north of the city, covering three acres.

Once the remaining project is complete, it is set to have a capacity of 10MW, allowing the institution to generate its own power and supply the excess to the grid.

The cost of the overall project is anticipated to total Sh1.7bn ($16.5mn).

Phase one of the solar power plant was developed by France-based Urbasolar, and was supported with funding from the French government.

Charles Keter, Energy and Petroleum Secretary, said, “We have total commitments amounting to Sh50.16 billion for financing the last mile connectivity project and Sh150 billion in commitment for electrifying off-grid areas.”

“With support of development partners, we will achieve our objective of universal electrification by 2020,” he added.

Kenyan’s will be trained to operate new solar energy models that are becoming n=more frequently used in the country.

“Considering the huge investments in solar industry, we will require trained human resource to operate and maintain these systems, as well as innovate on delivery of better models,” Keter said.

Source: Energy Digital

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