Jolywood was Invited to Participate in the First Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference

Jolywood was Invited to Participate in the First Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference

Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co. Ltd. (SZ: 300393) (Jolywood), the world’s leading supplier of N-type high efficiency bifacial solar cells and modules, was a key participant in the 2018 Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference and International Forum on Energy Transition (“the Conference”) to discuss energy cooperation and the future of new energy. Mr. Lin Jianwei, Chairman of Jolywood, was invited as a special guest to participate, along with the heads of projects that are part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and high-level managers of corporations in the energy industry.

Drawing a large number of high-level guests, the success of the Conference shows the ability of the BRI to help participating countries reach a new consensus on global energy cooperation. China has accumulated rich,valuable experience in research and development, production and application in the field of new energy technology and products. Combining the current situation of countries, China is realizing the transformation of green energy, sharing cooperation and effectively benefiting the people along the Belt and Road. Jolywood has been actively involved in this transformation of the green energy sector.

Belt and Road Energy Ministerial ConferenceMr. Lin said, “Jolywood is a global leader in high-efficiency bifacial technology for N-type solar cells and modules. It produces the world’s leading 2.4GW N-type mono bifacial solar cells. The conversion efficiency of the N-type TOPcon bifacial cells has exceeded 22.8%, and the conversion efficiency of the N-type IBC cells has also exceeded 23.0%, leading the industry to step into the new era of photovoltaic parity.”

Founded in 2008, Jolywood has been focused on the research and development of solar back sheets and is a leader in the manufacture of advanced photovoltaic materials. Its production and sales volume has held a leading position in the industry. At present, Jolywood is supporting more than 40GW power stations worldwide, and has received no complaints from clients, ensuring the completion of the entire life cycle of its PV modules.

Jolywood has also put emphasis on international development, and has clients from ItalyIndiaJapan, and Taiwan, among others. Its N-type high efficiency bifacial solar cells and modules have received recognition from customers around the world. For example, China’s State Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC) built the world’s largest 100MW  N-type mono bifacial photovoltaic power station above water with supplies and support from Jolywood. Other applications include India’s ACME N-type mono bifacial PV power station; the model power station in Adelaide, Australia; a model station in Japan; and Thailand’s RMUTL N-type mono bifacial power station, among others.

With an aim to provide high-efficiency bifacial solutions with high power generation at a low electricity cost, Jolywood will continue to upgrade its technology and actively participate in projects within and alongside the BRI, contributing to the transformation of the energy sector.

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