Jinko Solar to use Heraeus SOL9631J front-side paste for its new high-efficiency solar cells


Heraeus SOL9631J Series silver paste

Jinko Solar to use Heraeus SOL9631J front-side paste for its new high-efficiency solar cells

Heraeus Photovoltaics, developer and manufacturer of silver metallization pastes has announced a new collaboration with Jinko Solar for the launch of efficient polycrystalline cells. The Heraeus SOL9631J Series of new generation front-side silver pastes raises the conversion efficiency of solar cells, said the company in a statement.

Jinko Solar will use the Heraeus SOL9631J Series silver paste to enhance the power output of its solar module design. Compared with the previous generation of products, SOL9631J Series increases the conversion efficiency for Jinko Solar’s cells by more than 0.1%.

The company notes that the improvement is made possible by superior electrical conductivity and excellent fine-line printing technology, which enables a higher aspect ratio and better printability. Additionally, the paste is suitable for high-speed printing, which helps Jinko Solar boost its production line productivity and total production capacity, enhancing its competitive power.


Through our highly successful partnership, Jinko Solar and Heraeus have been able to jointly develop this new-generation of Heraeus silver metallization paste and successfully integrate it into Jinko Solar’s mass production process, thereby greatly improving the conversion efficiency of their solar cells. We are looking forward to creating further achievements with our strategic partners Heraeus in the future,” said Jinko Solar CEO Chen Kangping, “Jinko’s vision and mission is to change the energy structure, and to assume responsibility for the future by providing integrated clean energy solutions. We aim to become a benchmark in our industry to help build a more sustainable future. We want to achieve this important goal together with Heraeus. “

We are very pleased to see our new-generation silver metallization paste to the level of mass production by collaborating development with Jinko. This testifies to the substantive progress of our strategic cooperation with Jinko Solar, “said Andreas Liebheit, President Heraeus Photovoltaics. He further added “Heraeus constantly innovates our products and technologies, including customized photovoltaic products and services for Jinko Solar, to enable its next generation of products to advance further. We are convinced that this collaboration with our strategic partner Jinko Solar opens up new prospects for Heraeus‘customized products in the photovoltaic industry.”

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