Jinko Solar Pitches Storage Solutions With G2 Battery Launch At Intersolar

Jinko Solar Pitches Storage Solutions With G2 Battery Launch At Intersolar

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd., one of the largest module manufacturers in the world, today officially launched its Second Generation of the High Voltage Energy Storage Battery into the European market.

The upgraded product, JKR-B1250~2750-A (high voltage G2 battery) is a high-performance energy storage system designed for residential and small commercial applications. It features a self-developed Jinko HV battery with a single pack capacity of 3.84 kWh, which uses a long cycle high-quality cell that can reach 6000 cycles at room temperature (25°C). The product offers a 11, 52–134, 4 kWh capacity range to meet different clients’ needs. It provides wireless interconnection between packs, 45 A charging and discharging current, support for 3-7 packs per rack and direct parallel connection between racks. Equipped with IP65 protection and a cell-level anti-fire design, it ensures total system safety. Product’s unique heating system provides a wider operating temperature range, three levels of isolation and BMS protection logic to enhance safety. JinkoSolar pays a great deal of attention to the sustainability of the entire production process. It is completed via a fully automated production line, effectively reducing energy consumption, achieving a high degree of quality control, and improving efficiency.

“We are once again raising the bar, this time not only in the PV business, but also in the Energy Storage System by offering a wide range of intelligent new energy solutions that set new standards for the growing demands of the market,” said Frank Niendorf, the General Manager Europe for JinkoSolar. ” Jinko is also among the leading Chinese integrated solar manufacturers that is seeking to add storage to its portfolio as future sales in developed markets see a high share of storage plus solutions in renewables

Europe has become a solar hotspot in the past two years, with installations in 2022, as well as projections for the period leading up to 2030 both being increased significanly. The continent is on course to add over 50 GW of solar in 2023. With limited manufacturing facilities yet, that has led to both Chinese and even Indian module manufacturers making a beeline for the market.

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