Italy’s Fimer to Showcase Charging Solutions at World’s Largest Mobility Trade Fair

Italy’s Fimer to Showcase Charging Solutions at World’s Largest Mobility Trade Fair

Fimer, one of the largest renewable energy equipment suppliers in the world with a specialisation in solar inverters and electric mobility systems, will be exhibiting at eMove360° Europe 2022 at Messe Berlin on October 5 – 7. The brand will showcase its complete portfolio of charging solutions for super-charged e-mobility on the occasion.


Fimer’s Product Line 

Since 2017, the Italian company has built a reputation for itself by developing and manufacturing charging solutions for electrically powered vehicles driven by the needs of future generations of vehicles. Fimer boasts of a technological line of devices, both in DC and in AC, designed and manufactured in Italy, to meet the diverse needs of users seeking solutions for private, public and commercial use. Fimer’s EVI range includes Fimer Flexa AC Wallbox, Fimer Flexa AC Station and Fimer Electra DC Station. The brand also offers FIMER e4self solution, which is an integration between Fimer’s EV charging solutions and the SmartOPT intelligent terminal by Fortech- a market leader in Italy that provides customized solutions to enhance business performance of single service stations, fuel retail networks and large petrol companies.

Fimer Flexa AC Wallbox is an EV charging device designed for private applications and it can be installed both on a wall or on a dedicated stand – Fimer Flexa Stand-Basic. It offers different configurations, depending on connectivity (stand alone, inverter net and future net models), power (3.7 – 7.4 – 11 – 22 kW) and connection to the vehicle (T2 cable and socket and T3A socket). The future net model has advanced communication functionality, including 3G/4G, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RS485 and ethernet connectivity. Its casing and packaging are made from 100% recycled materials. Fimer Flexa AC Station, on other hand, is the apt solution for every application field, from residential to commercial and public applications. Different configurations are available depending on connectivity (models: stand alone, local controller, future net) and power (2×22 kW or 22+3.7 kW) with the potential to charge up to two electric vehicles at the same time. It includes all protections, monitoring and diagnostic systems.

Fimer Electra DC Station provides both DC and AC charging- definitively the best solution when fast charging is required, the company claims. It allows to charge up to three vehicles simultaneously; depending on the number of vehicles connected to the DC outputs, the station distributes its maximum power dynamically. Specially designed with a modular architecture, it ensures maximum flexibility. The maximum total power deliverable by the station is 150 kW for the DC side and 43 kW for the AC side.

Fimer Flexa AC Wallbox, Fimer Flexa AC Station and Fimer Electra DC Station offer features such as easy installation and customization on request. It is also certified.

 Web Portal, App

The Fimer E-mobility web portal and app offers the possibility to manage and monitor the charging stations, to configure the infrastructure, to geolocate the charging stations on maps updated in real time and to acquire and analyse stations’ data, while, with the MyFIMERWallbox app, users can manage the charging process of their electric vehicle, monitor and control the status in a simple and intuitive way, set a power limit and update the firmware by connecting via bluetooth to the Wallbox.

SmartOPT by Fortech is the payment terminal for EV recharging, with a 12” vandal proof touchscreen monitor for managing, at the same time, up to 12 charging points. The terminal accepts payments with credit and debit cards, fuel and fleet cards, mobile payment and contactless, without any user registration on apps and/or web portals for a 100% user-friendly experience. The FIMER e4self solution provides the possibility to easily connect and manage all FIMER EV charging devices to a single OPT payment terminal.

Gaetano Belluccio, Managing Director – EVI at Fimer said, “We are excited to showcase the entire EV portfolio of FIMER at this important international event. Since 2017, FIMER has been working with major players in the global e-mobility market offering an innovative and technological range of EVI solutions which perfectly meets the different Customer needs. We look forward to welcoming guests to our stand.”

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