ISA Is Looking to Hire For Key Roles, with Joining ” As Soon As Possible”

The International Solar Alliance (ISA), which organised the First Word Solar Technology Summit early in September, seems to be moving on some big plans finally. The alliance website  has listed some interesting job openings with an October deadline to apply.

These include a Director level role for Human Resources and Coordination, besides a Director-Technology and Innovation. There is also an opening for a Director Programs. All the roles are based at the headquarter in Gurugram, and come with a one year contract, extendable at the end of the tenure for upto 9 years.

In keeping with the transparency that the body has been trying to build on, salaries are also public at USD 88,000 plus perks, besides a post adjustment for  being based in Delhi.

These openings are global openings, with preference being given to candidates from ISA member countries.

With a joining date of “As early as possible’, it does appear like the body is in a hurry to build on the momentum from the technology summit, as well as have much more to show for its efforts, soon.

It is no secret that Prime Minister Modi has taken a strong personal interest in the success of the ISA, with the initiative easily being India’s biggest multilateral initiative ever. With big picture goals like 1TW of solar, and $ 1 trillion of financing by 2030, the ISA certainly has its work cut out, as the Covid-19 pandemic threatens solar growth everywhere. The good news, if one can call it that, is that with overall energy demand down worldwide, the net impact is still manageable, and some serious efforts to catch up can actually work.

With countries cross Africa, a major member block just warming up, the body has enough runway to work across the solar spectrum, from grid scale, to rooftop to distributed solar, to make a serious impact and become a key driver for the solar movement.

Details on these openings besides other opportunities at the ISA, are available at the ISA website.

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