Inverter Maker Solinteg Brings Its Low Carbon Offerings To India With iNVERGY

Inverter Maker Solinteg Brings Its Low Carbon Offerings  To India With iNVERGY

Chinese new energy firm, Solinteg has officially announced its expansion into India with a robust partnership with iNVERGY. Solinteg offer products of PV inverters,battery, smart terminal, monitoring device and EMS service.

The collaboration with iNVERGY, whose promoter group has extensive experience with solar products distribution in India, signifies the introduction of Solinteg’s industry-leading Integ M series 3-50kW hybrid inverters, alongside intelligent solar energy storage solutions, to the Indian PV market. Thus, the firm’s focus will remain on the C&I segment, besides the emerging residential solar segment.

Solinteg claims that its 3-50kW hybrid inverter, featuring single-phase 3-8kW and three-phase 4-12kW options for residential applications, as well as three-phase 10-20kW and 25-50kW variants for C&I applications, boasts an impressive PV input current of up to 30A and 110% three-phase unbalanced output function.

It also supports 1.1 times overloading capacity and within 10ms UPS switching, providing users with safe and stable power supply and lower energy costs. Backed by innovative and advanced energy storage concepts, these inverters will provide a strong driving force for India’s green energy transition.

Besides hybrid inverters, Solinteg also provides Integ R series smarter meters, brand new communication modules as well as Integ E series energy storage batteries for the Indian market.

“Anchored by this collaborative spirit with iNVERGY, we’re supremely confident that our innovative prowess will flourish in the Indian market, blossoming into a resounding triumph for sustainability!” remarked Yasif, Sales Director in India of Solinteg.

The Indian solar market remains one of the most attractive, although competitive markets worldwide. While sheer size makes it difficult for any major player to avoid the market, a plethora of duties (20% on foreign inverters) makes it a very price sensitive and competitve market.

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