Introducing SolarFAQS, India’s Biggest Destination For Solar Q&As

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  • Introducing SolarFAQS, the biggest single destination for your solar queries.
  • At SolarFAQS, we will get industry experts to answer any questions you might have linked to solar power
Introducing SolarFAQS, India’s Biggest Destination For Solar Q&As

At SaurEnergy, an increasing awareness of solar has also meant an increasing number of questions for the team to answer. From the mundane to the technical, the calls, emails and even whatsapp messages on numbers have been increasing by the day. Which is why we finally decided to find a solution we believe will serve everyone best. SolarFAQS, or a one stop destination for all your solar related queries. Launched quietly early this month, SolarFAQS has expectedly drawn a strong response from readers, and the questions have started coming in thick and fast.

While we will keep working to ensure the section serves reader needs as  well as it possibly can, do feel free to check it out, and even better, send in your solar related questions. Besides our editorial team, we have also roped in industry experts from module, inverter finance and more segments to ensure you get the best possible answers to your questions. It is also a good time to thank leading inverter major Fimer India for their support in helping make this happen.

So what can you expect from SolarFAQS? Check out 5 of the most viewed Q&As in the past week. As the section continues to add more and more queries and answers to them, we are hopeful that you will find answers to many questions simply by scrolling through, rather than submitting them to us. Of course, if you still want an answer from an expert, login here for a simple registration and ask away!

What is the nature of warranties offered by solar module makers? What happens if a module developer issues within the first year? How much time will it take to get it replaced?

12 years product warranty and 30 years performance warranty. Repair/ replacement happens as per the type of defect and associated RCA. Replacement takes up to 90 days from the date of defect confirmation and repair happens immediately soon after identification.

Answer by Sai Charan Koppuli

I want to use Bifacial Modules for my rooftop plant. Will that require us to paint the floor white?

Better to go with white paint to increase albedo sensitivity, which will increase the yield. Albedo refers to the fraction of light that is reflected off a surface. A value of 1 would denote 100% reflection. A good albedo level for a bifacial module use is 0.50. Normal ground will typically be at 0.25 value.

Answer by Sai Charan Koppuli

Do solar panels come with any type of guarantee/warranty?

Majority of Indian solar firms offer a 25-year warranty on their products. If regular maintenance is done, the product life increases considerably. Within the system, inverter warranty might be 5-8 years, and the installer itself would provide a separate 5 year maintainance and running commitment. Other than the module and inverters, the other systems can be expected to last the full 25 year period with regular checks.

How often does a solar panel setup needs maintenance? Is it costly?

While utility scale solar plants are maintained on a fortnightly basis, frequency of maintenance for rooftop solar panels is at least 3-6 times a year. Though, it is advisable to check your solar companies manual for panel specific maintenance care as well. In many parts of India, dusty environments might necessitate monthly module cleanings as well.

The solar panel maintenance cost is influenced by the brand and kind of solar panels installed (monocrystalline vs. polycrystalline), as well as the installation method (shed mounted, ground mounted, RCC mounted). Access is obviously critical. Costs should be low enough to be recoverable from the increased productivity of your plant due to regular maintainance.

What is the solar subsidy available in Delhi after the new Solar Policy 2024?

The Delhi government gives a capital subsidy of Rs 2,000 per kW to residential consumers for installation of up to a maximum of Rs 10,000 per consumer under the new solar policy. This is over and above the subsidy of Rs 78,000 on upto 3 kW solar plant offered under the PM Suryaghar Muft Bijli Yojana.

Which is India’s largest solar rooftop company for residential solar?

Tata power has installed the highest number of rooftop solar systems in India.

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