Inter-state transmission lines are planned and implemented for Supply of Power from Surplus States to Deficit States

Piyush GoyalPower, Coal and New & Renewable Energy Minister PiyushGoyal in Lok Sabha informed that the inter-state transmission lines are planned and implemented as a part of the evacuation system from inter-state generation stations and also as system strengthening projects.

The inter-state transmission lines are used for delivery of power from the generating stations to their beneficiaries in different states. The lines are also used for transfer of power from surplus states/regions to deficit states/regions, subject to availability of margins in these lines.

The minister said that a number of inter-regional links have been planned which interconnect the Northern, Western, Southern, Eastern and North Eastern region grids. Currently the total transmission capacity of such inter-regional links is 59,550 MW (June 2016) which is expected to increase to 68,050 MW by the end of 12th Plan i.e. March 2017.

Goyal noted that Gujarat and other surplus States are entitled to seek Long Term, Medium Term and Short Term Open Access (STOA) for export of power to any part of the country. The nodal agency for the grant of Long Term Access (LTA)  and Medium Term Open Access (MTOA) is Central Transmission Utility (CTU) and for STOA is the Regional Load Dispatch Center (RLDC).

If Gujarat or any such surplus States aims to sell surplus power outside the state on long term basis they have to seek long term transmission access in advance as creation of any new transmission infrastructure takes a period of three to four years.

As per the scheme for operationalization of Power System Development Fund (PSDF), PSDF may be utilized for creating necessary transmission systems of strategic importance based on operational feedback by Load Dispatch Centers for relieving congestion in Inter-State Transmission Systems (ISTS) and intra-state system which are incidental to the ISTS are eligible for funding from PSDF.

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