Innovative Solar Systems seeking Private Investment Monies, 6GW of Solar Farm Projects Offered for Limited Partnerships

Innovative Solar Systems seeking Private Investment Monies

Innovative Solar Systems (ISS) is now seeking Private Investment Monies due to the fact that the company has rapidly expanded and is now developing 20X the amounts of these Utility Scale Solar Farm Projects in regards to past years.

ISS notes that accredited Investors will have the opportunity to invest into a pool of projects (Typically 60-80 Projects in a Limited Partnership which total approximately 3GW’s – Projects are 20MW-200MW+).

Investing in a large pool of projects reduces investor risk and assures above average net profits from the investment.

ISS also notes that if the investor is investing in one of company’s early stage projects the investor will also have preferred treatment in buying any or all of the projects once they are “Shovel Ready” at a reduced market price.

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