India Launches Programme For Energy Efficient Cooking

India Launches Programme For Energy Efficient Cooking Indian Launches Programme For Energy Efficient Cooking

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of Public Sector Undertakings under the Ministry of Power, launched its National Efficient Cooking Programme (NECP) and Energy Efficient Fans Programme (EEFP) under the presence of Union Minister for Power and New and Renewable Energy RK Singh, at an event held in New Delhi. These initiatives are aimed at change cooking practices in India and emphasizing on the importance and urgency of energy efficient fans. As part of these programmes, EESL will distribute 1 crore efficient BLDC fans and 20 Lakh energy-efficient induction cook stoves nationwide.

The National Efficient Cooking Programme (NECP) introduces induction-based cook-stoves, offering a cost advantage of 25-30% over traditional cooking methods, promising both energy savings and cost-effective cooking solutions. By deploying 20 Lakh Induction cook-stoves across India, EESL seeks to reduce the environmental impact of cooking methods, ensuring cleaner air and improved health for citizens. EESL has also partnered with Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) for the large-scale deployment of induction cooktops. The deployment is expected to accelerate the acceptance and large-scale adoption of modern electric cooking devices in Indian kitchens.

The Energy Efficient Fans Programme (EEFP) focuses on deploying energy-efficient BLDC fans, with the goal of distributing 1 crore ceiling fans. These initiatives not only reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, but also enhances consumer comfort while lowering electricity bills, creating a win-win situation for all. The program for deploying one crore ceiling fans was initiated during the G20 Energy Transitions Working Group in Goa in July 2023. In continuation of this, EESL is inviting the first bid of 20 lakh fans, under a programme titled Energy Efficient Fans Programme (EEFP).

Addressing the gathering comprising the proud officials of EESL and others, Singh underlined the strategic imperative due to which a shift towards electric cooking is necessary. “We have cooking based on imported Liquified Natural Gas. We can afford it financially, but in strategic terms, it is not advisable to depend on other countries for energy needs. This is one reason we need to shift from imported sources of energy to indigenous forms; and one way to do that is to shift our cooking to electricity,” he said. 

The minister stressed that there is no difference in food cooked on flame versus that cooked using induction cookers. “We need to propagate this; all organizations under Ministry of Power and Ministry of New & Renewable Energy will help in propagating this, all organizations will get together to bring to every household the advantages of shifting to electric cooking, in terms of price and availability.”

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