India plans to launch an extensive research programme on solar power

Anil Madhav Dave, Environment Minister stated that the Government of India is planning to start an extensive research on the use of solar power to bring about a “revolution” in this field.

solar panels

Mr. Dave told the Parliament that during the Paris Climate summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech said that there were 122 countries in the world where sunlight was available 10 months of the year; and India is one of the prominent countries among these 122 nations. And this makes India to take a lead in researching more on solar power

He further added that “We are looking for a revolution similar to the mobile phone revolution which took place in India. 25 years ago people could not imagine how we would use the mobile phone now.”

Anil Madhav Dave told if India could get success in the research on solar power, the nation can end the burning of wood forever.

The Environment Minister also stated that India was 2 per cent ahead on the commitment given during the Paris meet on carbon emission and could say with confidence that “we will be able to reach the target on time”.

Under the Paris agreement, the most of the developed countries have committed to mobilize USD 100 billion per year and agreed to enhance it beyond USD 100 billion per year post 2020.

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