Hydrabad based firm to help BESCOM mapping solar potential of Bangalore

BESCOM mapping solar potential

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) last month cherry picked Hyderabad-based firm to help mapping solar potential of the city.

The Hindu reports an aircraft will fly over the city that will use light detection and ranging (LIDAR) technology. It will send light pulse that will reflect back from the objects on the surface. The reflected light will be then used to map buildings, trees and other objects which will make consumers aware how viable their rooftop is for solar power generation.

Speaking to the publication a BESCOM official said “We will only give them the RR numbers of our consumers. The capturing of data, storage device and other processes will be worked out by them. We are looking at a March 2017 deadline for completion of the entire project.”

The data received using the LIDAR technology is anticipated to help power utilities in improving the number of grid-connected solar energy generation which currently state stands at 30MW.

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