HT-SAAE Launches a Range of High-efficiency Solar PV Modules in Tokyo

HT-SAAE Launches a Range of High-efficiency Solar PV Modules in Tokyo

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Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical has showcased HyperC high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar PV modules along with other poly-crystalline PV modules in Tokyo.

Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd (HT-SAAE), world’s leading manufacturer of solar PV products, showcased the latest lineup of its high-efficiency module products in Tokyo.

The lineup includes the HyperC high-efficiency mono-crystalline PV modules, Hyper Black high-efficiency poly-crystalline PV modules, and the Milky Way N-type bifacial Dual Glass 5BB modules. Launching these high-efficiency modules at the same time shows that HT-SAAE has blazed a trail in multiple production lines and enjoyed a robust year in product variety and volume.

The new product ranges brought by HT-SAAE, the BNEF Tier 1 Module Manufacturer, come with many features. The HyperC high-efficiency mono-crystalline PV modules and Hyper Black high-efficiency poly-crystalline PV modules are created with the enhanced techniques of the HIGHWAY series. Featuring 5BB cell technology, anti-PID cell and high reliability encapsulation material, the two products come with lower series resistance, higher cell conversion efficiency and higher power output per unit. The HyperC PV module series adopts the PERC (passivated emitter rear cell) technique developed by HT-SAAE, making the cell efficiency for mass production up to 21.2%. And the output power can reach 300W and above for a 60-cell module.

The Hyper Black PV module series are made with diamond wire slicing technique, which largely reduces costs. In addition, the nano texture method leads to uniformity in cells’ overall appearance. The products also adopt the metal-assisted chemical etching (MACE) technique, raising cell efficiency up 0.3% to 0.5%. The cell efficiency level for mass production can reach up to 19.8% and the output power can reach 280W and above for a 60-cell module with the advanced PERC technique. Both HyperC and Hyper Black PV module series have passed the anti-ammonia gas test, anti-salt mist test, anti-dust and anti-PID test.

The Milky Way N-type bifacial Dual Glass 5BB PV modules are upgraded versions of the Milky Way Bifacial N-type PERT Mono-crystalline PV modules. HT-SAAE made a bold move by adopting the new generation high-efficiency 5BB cell technique in the N-type cell module field, bringing a 10W increase in power output compared with the first generation of Milky Way PV modules with the 4BB technique.

HT-SAAE expanded its business globally a few years ago. With optimized quality and attentive services, its products are well received among a range of countries including the U.S., Europe, India, and Japan. Since 2011, the company’s sales volume in Japan has reached almost 800MW. Catering to the increasing demand for rooftop PV modules from the global market, HT-SAAE developed the HyperC high-efficiency mono-crystalline PV module (50 pcs). It adopts the PERC technique as its core technique. Coming out in only 50 pieces of modules, it is relatively compact and light, reducing the burden on roofs, while its length-to-width ratio of 2-to-1 fits perfectly on the roof. Although it’s quite compact, the maximum power output can still reach 250W.

“As the only one Chinese state-owned enterprise to reach the production capacity of GW-level with a comprehensive PV industrial chain, HT-SAAE has long been working on technique innovation and high-efficiency products to appeal to different market demands around the world,” said Ruan Zhongli, the Vice-general Manager of HT-SAAE’ s photovoltaic business.

In 2017, the company will keep working on high-efficiency product innovation and explore more new fields such as multi-grid, lamination, slicing and many others.


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