HOUZE announces the launch of ZEROCELL

HOUZE ZEROCELLHOUZE at Solar Power International 2016 trade show announced the launch of ZEROCELL. It will be launched in the USA, Europe and UAE before the end of the year.

The ZEROCELL is a multi-functional appliance that serves as the nerve center for an open-source smart digital IoT ecosystem. A plug-and-play system that seamlessly transforms both existing and new homes into smart zero energy homes, the ZEROCELL stores and manages energy generated from either on-site-harvested energy or from off-site renewable energy transmitted by the electric grid. The ZEROCELLs (4KW, 8KW, 12KW and 16 KW) are multi-functional appliances that are all-in-one energy storage and nerve systems for homes, buildings and block-chain neighborhoods.

At the core of the ZEROCELL is a powerful, yet very safe nano-battery system. The nanobattery offers a life span of 12-18 years and up to 6,000 charges.

The ZEROCELL’s stored energy can be used to-  power the home when electricity is more expensive and in high demand,  store energy from rooftop solar during the day to power the home independent of the electric grid,  save peak energy load,  provide backup power and energy security to the home and  participate in demand response programs to support utilities

The company is establishing a network of distributor partners ranging from retailers to solar companies to utilities. ZEROCELL and HOUZE will start accepting online reservations at www.ZEROCELL.World and schedule installations beginning in October.

The ZEROCELL makes solar make sense. Solar without the right energy storage solution isn’t really logical,” said David Goswick, CEO of HOUZE. “Our mission is to democratize and accelerate a movement that enhances quality of life today, and protects the environment for future generations by providing smart, safe, secure energy that is affordable.”

The ZEROCELL will be featured in select Euronics International stores beginning in December.

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