Hecate Energy Seals 250 MW Solar Energy Agreement With Google

Hecate Energy has announced an agreement with Google to purchase 250 MW solar energy from the company’s 500 MW facility in Texas.

Hecate Solar Energy Google

Hecate Energy has announced an agreement with Google to purchase 250 MW of clean, renewable electricity from the company’s 500 MW cumulative solar facilities in Texas.  

Google had recently announced that it has made its largest ever purchase of renewable energy, totaling more than USD 2 billion in new energy infrastructure produced by solar panels and wind turbines located around the world. The purchase is made up of a 1,600 megawatts (MW) package of agreements and includes 18 new energy deals. Together, these deals will increase the firm’s worldwide portfolio of wind and solar agreements by more than 40 percent, to 5,500 MW—equivalent to the capacity of a million solar rooftops.

As part of the agreement, Hecate will develop and operate new solar power in Texas. Hecate expects that it will create new jobs in the community, boosting the local economy as a result of its estimated $275,000,000 investment in the project.

“Hecate Energy is proud to put its clean energy expertise to work as part of Google’s pioneering commitment to carbon-free energy. The new, renewable energy produced by Hecate solar power will help to combat climate change, enhance environmental quality and contribute to the economic vitality of the region,” said Chris Bullinger, president & CEO of Hecate Energy.

Recently, GE Renewable Energy had announced the signing of a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to sell energy from the Björkvattnet Onshore Wind Farm in Sweden to Google. GE Renewable Energy originated and negotiated the PPA to sell the majority of the power generated by the wind farm to match the consumption of Google’s data centres in the region with renewable energy.

GE Renewable Energy announced earlier in September that it will supply 33 of its 5.3 MW Cypress turbines for the Björkvattnet Onshore Wind Farm in Sweden. Located approximately 470 km north of Stockholm, the 175 MW site will generate enough renewable energy to power the equivalent of 175,000 homes in Sweden.

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