Haryana Tenders for Installation of Rooftop Solar With Net Metering

Haryana has tendered for the installation of grid-tied rooftop solar plants (with/without battery banks) with net metering facility in the state.

The state government of Haryana has issued a tender for the installation of grid-tied rooftop solar plants (with/without battery banks) with net metering facilities in the state. The projects will be offered on an annual rate contract basis for an aggregate capacity of 3 MW.

The scope of work for the selected bidders will include the design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of the grid-connected rooftop solar plants with net metering facility. The developers (if required) will also be responsible for the installation of an associated battery bank (or with LiFePO4 battery bank) at the project site. Upon commissioning the project developers will be required to provide comprehensive operation and maintenance services for the plant for a period of 5 years.

The size of each rooftop solar power plant without battery bank shall be in the range of 1 kWp to 50 kWp capacity, which are divided in two categories as given below:

And the size of each plant (hybrid) with battery bank shall be in the range as given below:

Haryana Rooftop Solar

To be eligible, the bidder should have the experience of installation of a minimum of 1.2 MW grid-connected solar power plants in the last five financial years. And the bidder should have minimum average annual turnover Rs 5.7 Crore in the last three years, ending March 31, of the previous Financial Year.

Further, the bidder should have a positive net worth in the previous financial year.

The developers will have a period of 3 months from the date of the work order to complete the work on the project which includes the inspection, supply, installation and commissioning of the project.

The warranty period shall be five years for the complete system from the date of commissioning and handing over of the system. During the warranty period, the firm shall ensure the proper functioning of the systems and complaint, if any, forwarded to the supplier against the system, will have to be attended within 72 hours of forwarding such complaints. If any part is to be procured then the user is to be informed and the systems shall be rectified within 7 days.

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