Hanwha Q CELLS announces the launch of two new polycrystalline Q.ANTUM solar modules in US

Hanwha Q CELLS announces the launch of two new polycrystalline Q.ANTUM solar modules in US

Hanwha Q CELLS

Hanwha Q CELLS has announced the launch two new polycrystalline Q.ANTUM solar modules Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1 and Q.PLUS L-G4.2 for the U.S. market.

The Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1 is a 60 cell solar module designed to optimize the price-performance ratio in rooftop installations, it will be available from July this year.

The 72 cell solar module Q.PLUS L-G4.2 on the other hand is an optimized module solution for large scale deployment with power classes of up to 340 watts and is UL and IEC 1500V certified. Both the solar modules are powered by Hanwha Q CELLS’ proprietary Q.ANTUM technology based on the rear side passivation of solar cells and utilize additional features to optimize the efficiency and performance of the PV cells to reduce the LCOE (“levelized cost of electricity”).

Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1: The 60 cell Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1 solar module is powered by Q.ANTUM cell technology and reaches power classes of up to 280 watts. Thus, the polycrystalline module’s performance is comparable to mono BSF products. Moreover, it offers better performance in both hot climate zones (temperature coefficient: − 0.40 %/K) and in cloudy regions (low-light behaviour: 97.5 % at 200 W/m2). It is ideal for residential and commercial & industrial (“C&I”) rooftop installations.

Q.PLUS L-G4.2: The 72 cell polycrystalline solar module Q.PLUS L-G4.2 ideal for large utility deployments and is UL and IEC 1500V certified, it helps U.S. utilities optimize system performance and cost structure by reducing BOS costs in large scale solar power plants. Q.ANTUM technology pushes module power classes up to 340 watts, making it one of the most powerful polycrystalline solar modules in the market.

Speaking on the occasion Justin Lee, President of Hanwha Q CELLS America said, “We believe our new product series will continue to provide excellent quality and outstanding performance-price ratios for those who choose Hanwha Q CELLS, allowing us to further assert our growing leadership position in the U.S. market.”

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