Gujarat Government fails to attract applicants for its rooftop solar power plant scheme

Gujarat Government’s scheme for setting up rooftop solar power units for individual seems to have failed to click among Surtis. Only 107 of 14 lakh residential in the Diamond City have enrolled for setting up solar power plant on roof tops.

Despite the efforts of state and central governments providing subsidy to the people who install rooftop solar power plants, very few residents have come forward till now.

solar rooftop power plant

According to government officials, the major reasons that there are only few applicants, many are still unaware of the scheme and its benefits of the solar power. Moreover, most of the residents are still trying to locate office where they can apply under the scheme.

The cost of setting up a 1 KW solar rooftop power plant is Rs 69000 against which state government offers subsidy of Rs 10000 per KW and central government provides 30% subsidy of the total cost. Therefore, total subsidy for 1 KW solar plant amounts to Rs 38300.

K H Khatwani, additional city engineer, Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) said, “With some other basic charges and service charges of Gujarat Energy development agency’s (GEDA) the basic cost works up to Rs 41,000. This is Rs 28,000 less than market price.”

“Currently, the scheme is available only for individual houses and not for apartment complexes,” he further added.

The state government of Gujarat has set target of setting up 1 lakh rooftops solar plants on residential units. Also, a new scheme for apartment complexes and residential housing societies will be introduced at the later stage.

An official from GEDA said, “This unconventional form of energy when produced in household, it would reduce the load on the government power generating agencies and at the same time one can reduce dependence on fossil fuel,” said an official from GEDA.

Source: ET

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