Growatt Unveils Next Generation PV Inverter Solns at SNEC

Growatt Unveils Next Generation PV Inverter Solns at SNEC

The company’s latest innovation includes – the “X” series of inverters ranging from 2.5kW to 80kW.

Growatt Next Generation PV Inverter

China-based PV inverter maker Growatt has showcased its comprehensive series of future photovoltaic (PV) solutions during the SNEC PV Power Expo, world’s biggest exhibition for the solar power industry, held in Shanghai.

The inverter maker has unveiled its new products as it believes that the PV industry is going through changes across the globe and changing PV technologies are shaping the future of PV products and services globally.

Commenting on the innovation, Growatt, Co-founder and CEO, David Ding said, “Growatt has been focusing on innovation and customer needs since its foundation. Our R&D engineers have been working hard with our sales team and clients on improving product reliability and innovating PV solutions. This year at SNEC we are launching the next generation inverter models.”

The company’s latest innovation includes – the “X” series of inverters ranging from 2.5kW to 80kW.

Further, the Chinese inverter maker claims that these inverter models are expected to meet the demand of residential and commercial solar rooftops as well as some of the utility-scale solar projects.

While introducing the new PV solutions, Growatt, Marketing Director, Lisa Zhang said, “They are Elegant, Smart and Powerful!”

Zhang further added that, “MIN 2.5-6k TL-X is our new inverter model for residential rooftop systems. Its elegant design with OLED display and touch button appeals to many clients. The OLED display is lower power consumption and touch button is much more durable and can last over three million clicks. Using aerospace grade materials, the model is about 35% lighter in weight, which makes installation easier and will save installation costs. Many clients like this model a lot and we expect it to become increasingly popular in the near future.”

On speaking about another product Zhang said, “MAX 50-80kTL3 LV/MV is a very cool C&I inverter solution for rooftops. Its performance is superb and has got many convenient and powerful functions for clients. It’s built with quad-chips, dual DSP, CPLD and ARM. That will greatly enhance its capability to handle smart functions like surge protection, I-V curve scan, fault waveform record, one-click diagnosis etc. Its design of 6 MPPTs also improves the flexibility for configuration on irregular roofs and increases energy production. ”

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