Growatt To Showcase Smart Energy Solutions At SNEC Expo 2024

Growatt To Showcase Smart Energy Solutions At SNEC Expo 2024 Growatt To Showcase Smart Energy Solutions At SNEC Expo 2024

The SNEC PV Power Expo, scheduled from June 13 to 15, will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) in China, serving as a platform to gather all professionals and discover the most pioneering trends in the field of new energy. At this event, Growatt will showcase its innovations and full range of solutions for various needs, from homes to businesses at Booth 7.1H-E680.

“Amid the global energy transition from fossil fuels to carbon neutrality, the evolution of energy storage technology and improved energy utilization have emerged as irreversible global trends. As a leading distributed energy solution provider globally, Growatt has been deeply involved in solar energy markets for many years. At the expo, Growatt will present its comprehensive ‘solar, storage and charging’  residential solution, a combination of inverters, batteries, and EV chargers. Solar and energy storage products for commercial and industrial, and utility-scale markets will be also among the key highlights,” a media statement from Growatt said.

The firm will go a step further by including other energy solutions such as off-grid applications and portable power stations, aiming to empower energy independence. Growatt has also planned many exciting activities such as new product launches, insightful presentations, panel discussions, and special awards for outstanding power stations during the event in China.

Lisa Zhang, the Vice President of Growatt, said, “Growatt believes that innovation and collaboration are key to advancing the PV industry and achieving global carbon neutrality. We invite all industry professionals, clients, and enthusiasts to visit our booths at the exhibitions, explore our latest products and solutions, and engage in meaningful discussions”.

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