Growatt Supplies Residential PV Solutions To Pune Apartment

Growatt Supplies Residential PV Solutions To Pune Apartment

Energy solutions company Growatt recently unveiled a 350kW rooftop PV project for a prominent apartment, Rohan Kritika at Pune in Maharashtra. Growatt, meanwhile, has provided products and services to families across 180 countries and regions globally. Last year, they successfully empowered many homes, businesses, and communities in India. 

Rohan Kritika has several attractive amenities, tranquil surroundings and innovative architectural design for a luxurious and divine feeling for the occupants. The apartment has incorporated several sustainable practices, one among them being installing a solar rooftop system. It is expected to generate 500,000 kWh per year for over 60 homes seeking solar energy to fulfill their daily needs and minimize their electricity bills. Witnessing these advantages, the remaining households in the apartment are planning to switch to renewable power very soon.

The installation is done by ‘Harshal Enterprises’, a solar trader and service provider in Pune. The residents have opted Growatt brand for this project. This included 46 Growatt’s MOD 5000TL3-X & MOD 6000TL3-X, 10 nos. MIC 3300TL-X, and 4 nos. Growatt 5000TL3-S residential inverters. 

“Growatt residential products feature user-friendly, high yields, and great reliability. The new products are lighter, smaller and easier to install and transport. In addition, Growatt developed a touch key and an OLED display for easier control. For safety, all inverters are all equipped with Type II SPD, optional AFCI 2.0 function and transformerless design.,” Growatt said in a statement. 

In recent years, facing rapid economic growth and expanding population, India is eager to accelerate energy transformation at this stage. Reliable power supply is crucial to solve India’s power shortage and environmental problems. 

“We are committed to paving the way for more residents to embrace sustainability and enrich every aspect of life with clean power and vitality”, said Shantanu Sirsath, the India Technical Head of Growatt.

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