Growatt Inverters, Vibgyor Power Beverage Factory in Uttar Pradesh

Highlights :

  • The plant is built by Vibgyor Energy and has of 5.3 MW PV capacity.
  • This project, powered by 9788 solar panels and 29 Growatt ‘MAX 125KTL3-X LV’ inverters, can generate about 7 million kWh a year.
Growatt Inverters, Vibgyor Power Beverage Factory in Uttar Pradesh Growatt Inverters Power Beverage Factory in Uttar Pradesh. Photo: Growatt

Global energy storage firm Growatt has recently powered a soft drink factory located in Uttar Pradesh, Moon Beverages Limited. New Delhi-based solar power developer Vibgyor Energy commissioned the plant. It has a capacity of 5.3 MW. This project, powered by 9,788 solar panels from the Vigyor and 29 Growatt ‘MAX 125KTL3-X LV’ inverters, can generate about 7 million kWh a year for self-consumption and exporting the extra power to the grid, according to a media release by Growatt. It’s equivalent to a reduction of 5,409 tonnes of carbon emission or 2,198 tonnes of standard coal consumption, claimed the company.

Growatt has cultivated a strategic presence in India since its 2012 entry. Over 12 years, it has built a local team with over 60 employees and offices in five cities of India to ensure effective after-sales support. The MAX inverters used in this project are designed to handle high-power and bi-facial modules, with a maximum DC input current of 32A for each MPPT. This feature ensures optimal efficiency and performance, even under varying conditions. What sets the MAX series inverters apart is their intelligent capabilities. These inverters come with smart online monitoring and troubleshooting features, supported by intelligent string monitoring, smart I-V curve scanning, and diagnosis for installers. The inverters are equipped with an optional AFCI function and an IP66 protection level, making them suitable for a wide range of conditions in India.

For small C&I solar projects, Growatt provided more options, such as MID 33-50KTL3-X2 that ensure optimal energy conversion with 98.8% efficiency. For C&I energy storage use, they provide WIT 50-100KTL3-HU/AU with advanced features like black start capability, 100% unbalanced output, and 110% continuous AC overloading. It seamlessly integrates with the APX Commercial battery. This potent pairing enables businesses to attain energy independence and gain maximum green energy yield while enhancing operational efficiency.

“The successful completion of this 5MW project for the soft drink factory not only demonstrates Growatt’s technological prowess and product reliability but also its commitment to India’s energy future,” stated company’s media statement.

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