GoodWe Wins All Quality Matters Award for 5th Consecutive Year

GoodWe has once again bagged the “All Quality Matters” award in recognition for the outstanding quality of its EH storage inverter and its MT C&I inverter.

GoodWe All Quality Matters

Leading manufacturer of solar inverters and energy storage solutions for home and commercial applications, GoodWe has announced that it has once again bagged the TÜV Rheinland’s “All Quality Matters” award in recognition for the outstanding quality of its EH storage inverter and its MT C&I inverter.

This is the fifth consecutive year that GoodWe has won this prestigious award, showing how consistent the company has been in delivering high-quality products. The award ceremony took place on June 30, 2020, in the city of Suzhou and was attended by the company’s founder, Huang Min.

The evaluation process that preceded the decision for this award was very comprehensive and for this edition, Rheinland started testing one year in advance, only concluding its final report in June 2020. Renowned for its objectiveness and impartiality, the TÜV Rheinland’s All Quality Matters Award has become an important reference point on a global scale and being a recipient of this influential award is always an honour.

In 2019 GoodWe was ranked World’s Number 1 Storage Inverter Supplier by Wood Mackenzie and there was indeed much speculation about which storage product would receive the glamorous TÜV award this year. It was later confirmed that the EH series had received the highest score due to its versatility, safety and efficiency and overall ease of installation. GoodWe’s EH is a high-quality storage inverter with battery-ready function and, as part of this evaluation, it was tested against competitors’ products on the five categories of efficiency, output and input capability, power quality and thermal stability.

Apart from its strong performance, this series offers customers the possibility to upgrade to a full energy storage solution by simply purchasing an activation code. Moreover, the fact that it takes less than 10 seconds to switch from grid to PV helps users avoid expensive intakes from the grid. It comes with an automatic UPS function and one of its most remarkable features is that even when it is on the back-up mode it can still supply power to large loads.

In the C&I segment, the firm has been expanding its portfolio to include products up to 136 kW and up to 10 MPPT. In this year’s award, the MT series (50-80 kW) topped the list with its high efficiency, 50 percent DC input oversizing capability and 15 percent AC output overloading. The MT inverter comes with four MPPTs and is capable of operating at 50 degrees Celsius. It offers optional PLC communication.

Huang Min mentioned that year after year, despite the challenges, GoodWe has consistently delivered high-quality inverters ranging from residential, storage, C&I and now utility. Consistency and versatility have been GoodWe’s most important assets and its main contributions to the ongoing energy transformation.

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