GoodWe, Skill Council For Green Jobs Join Hands For Training On BESS

GoodWe, Skill Council For Green Jobs Join Hands For Training On BESS

Early this month on March 3 and 4, inverter firm GoodWe joined up with the Skill council for green jobs to train industry professionals on a 2 day programme called “Battery as an Energy Storage System” (BESS).

GoodWe, as a key player in the solar inverter market in India, and with a portfolio of energy storage solutions, has a strong interest in ensuring that the ecosystem develops well for the coming shift to energy storage systems in India too.

It has its own Solar Academy team that focuses on sharing knowledge of PV applications, offering excellent PV system solutions, providing technical training to its customers across the globe with a range of topics covering different needs from PV installers, PV system designers, investors and distributors. The firm has regularly been hosting and participating in training sessions in forms of conference, seminar, workshop and online webinar for the Indian market too.

Keeping up with this vision GoodWe again collaborated with Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ) to meet the skilling requirements of the end user. The present training session had four major segments on Energy storage solutions. Participation was free with registrations on a first cum first served basis. Besides the new knowledge from industry experts, participants also got the benefit of a certificate issued by SCGJ and GoodWe.

Topics linked to BESS covered the whole gamut of the future of BESS to the cell chemistry of Lithoum Ion batteries, grid integration of BESS and the architecture and sizing of these systems.

Among the experts who trained the 47 participants were Eric Yang (senior Engineer of Energy Storage Solution, GoodWe), Prem Bharti, Technical Officer, SCGJ and Master Trainer (Solar PV Installation), and Sameer Sharma, BESS Design Engineer, RWE Renewables GmbH. The domain expertise of these experts would have gone a long way to give a genuine and relevant perspective to participants.

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