GoodWe Partners with Skill Council for Green Jobs for Solar Training

Highlights :

  • The training on Oct 13-14 promises to equip existing as well as aspiring personnel to prepare better for the many opportunities in solar sector.
GoodWe Partners with Skill Council for Green Jobs for Solar Training

GoodWe India in collaboration with the Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ) will conduct a solar training session on October 12-13 at New Delhi. The venue will be the India Habitat Centre.

This collaboration between the top inverter maker and SCGJ promises to empower participants with customized knowledge on solar inverter performance, operation & maintenance of solar systems, and an opportunity to showcase their skills in a friendly competition.

The Need for Expertise

As India undergoes a transformative shift towards cleaner energy sources, the demand for solar PV and energy storage technologies continues to escalate. The development of effective and efficient energy storage solutions hinges on a workforce of skilled professionals and innovative minds. Competent individuals in this field can expedite the transition, ensure high-quality installations, mitigate the risk of system failures, and optimize plant performance through vital operation and maintenance practices. These efforts are pivotal in achieving long-term energy sustainability and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the past year, GoodWe has successfully conducted two virtual training programs in conjunction with SCGJ. It has benefited over 100 participants that have gained insights into Solar PV System, installation, quality aspects, and other components. To further incentivize participation and celebrate excellence, GoodWe India has offered a grand prize of $1,000 USD as a scholarship or award money to the winner.

Event Highlights:

1. Solar Training:
– Solar Inverter Performance, Operation and Maintenance of the System
– Testing and Commissioning of the Inverter
– Energy Storage Solution

2. Hands-On Demonstrations:
– Get up close with Solar Panels and Equipment
– Participate in LIVE Solar Installations
– Experience the power of Renewable Energy firsthand

3. Solar Cup 2023:
– Test your Solar Knowledge and problem-solving skills
– Compete against other enthusiasts
– Winners get Rs. 75,000 as Scholarship

4. Guest Speakers:
– Industry Experts
– Gain insights into the performance of solar plant
– Explore career opportunities in the solar sector

5. Networking Opportunities:
– Connect with like-minded individuals
– Build valuable contacts in the solar industry
– Share your passion for Clean Energy

6. Who Should Attend:
– Solar INC/EPC/Developer
– Students and educators
– Professionals in the renewable energy sector
– Anyone interested in a sustainable future

Registration: Registration Link or simply scan the QR code in the banner

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