GoodWe Expands Phase II Manufacturing Base, Capacity Upto 30 GW Now

GoodWe Expands Phase II Manufacturing Base, Capacity Upto 30 GW Now

China-based Global Inverter player GoodWe has expanded its  production capacity to 30 GW, post the inauguration of its manufacturing expansion at Guangde, Anhui province of China. For GoodWe, which enjoys leadership in the storage inverter space the expansion follows the strong growth and success it has had worldwide for its products, enabling the firm to support capacity increase from 5 GW in 2018, to 15 GW by 2020 and now, on its way to 30 GW.

GoodWe Manufacturing plant

The New GoodWe Manufacturing Plant

Covering an area of around 46,000 m2, the new factory mainly focuses on the production of solar inverters, energy storage products, and PV building materials.

For GoodWe, the new plant was also used as an opportunity to demonstrate both its own commitment to the cause, and the versatility of its products as it has used the plant as a  “smart low-carbon demonstration zone” in an all-around way. A 2.8 MW grid-connected solar PV system has been installed on the roof of the base , with 12 sets of GoodWe HT 1500V Series (225 kW) inverters connected. And these numbers will see an increase in the near future, assures the firm. In addition, with sustainability in mind, all the cabin or sink of these inverters is made of aluminum magnesium alloy which can be 100% recycled or reused.

GoodWe expects  the project to  provide 2.8 million kWh of electricity for the manufactory base every year, which is equivalent to saving 900 tons of standard coal and reducing 2,247 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, ensuring that the base is constructed and operated in a green and low-carbon manner.

GoodWe Solarport

Sustainability At Home

By extensively using GoodWe PV building materials in constructing facilities such as the canteen and zero-carbon sunroom within the manufacturing base, GoodWe has once again demonstrated its ambition in making every building generate electricity. In addition, DC & AC charging stations and a solar carport integrated with the “solar-storage-charging” system are also built to help cut down carbon footprint.

“With phase II of our Guangde manufacturing base put into production, the production capacity of GoodWe inverters and other products will witness a strong increase. This expansion represents an exciting milestone for GoodWe, giving us more confidence to meet challenges brought by supply chains and changing trading conditions,” said GoodWe CEO and founder Daniel Huang. “More importantly, the design concept of our new base has also well captured the sustainability philosophy of GoodWe. We will continuously spare no efforts to lead the way in promoting the global energy transition and creating a sustainable future for the earth, mankind, and future generations.”

GoodWe has a cumulative installed inverter base of over 2 million units of 35 GW capacity worldwide now.

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