The Global Supplier of Smart Meters, Sensus invests in the Indian Market

The Global Supplier of Smart Meters, Sensus invests in the Indian Market

Sensus opens its first global support center for utility-grade communications systems and smart meters opens in Hyderabad.

Sensus, a Xylem brand and global supplier of utility-grade communications systems and smart meters, has announced its increasing focus in the Indian market with the opening of its first global support center in Hyderabad. India is at the leading edge of smart city rollouts and Hyderabad is the next emerging hub in terms of adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to build smart cities. The new center represents a strategic investment for Sensus and will support business operations in India and across the globe.

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With this global center, Sensus will bring forth its best practices and cutting edge technology, better governance, quality infrastructure and uninterrupted utility services. Utilities must demand smart communication technology that is dedicated, secure and reliable, and is governed by strict service level agreements and performance targets. The Sensus FlexNetTM Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) communication system delivers high speed, scalable and reliable two-way communications via long-range radio. The FlexNet AMI system works with smart meters and sensors to securely transmit and receive customer usage and other critical data.

Amit Vaidya, Director, Strategic Customer Team, Sensus India, said, “The Hyderabad support center re-affirms our commitment for a long-lasting partnership with India. For emerging markets like India, smart grid technologies are essential to avoid lock-in of outdated energy infrastructure, attract new investment streams and create efficient and flexible grid systems that will be able to accommodate both rising electricity demand and power from a variety of power sources.

“Sensus solutions, all driven from a single communications platform, increase efficiency on a large scale. With initiatives like the National Smart Grid Mission, we can play a significant role in bringing India the right solutions and technology that will be easily adaptable, helping to making data-driven decisions that reduce water leaks, limit power outages, ensure the safe delivery of natural gas and turn a streetlight into a beacon of technology.


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