Ginlong Solis entered the GTM Rankings Once Again

GTM Research had released the ranking of global PV string inverters for 2017. According to the ranking, Ginlong(Solis) award Top 5 global single-phase string inverter market shares, and Top 4 global three-phase string inverter market shares.

global PV string inverters

GTM Research shows, in terms of market segments, shipments of global three-phase string inverter of 2017 is 46.233GW, year-on-year growth of 49%. Shipments of global centralized inverter of 2017 is 42.382GW.  What is noteworthy is that, shipments of string inverter exceeded the centralized inverter for the first time, with a scale of 4GW.

String inverter is favored in large ground-based power stations because of higher power generation, adapting better to the complex environment, more sophisticated management in granularity, higher reliability, and lower maintenance costs caused by the multiple advantages of MPPT. Take the project of 2017 China PV pioneer for example, string inverter accounts for more that 80%.The GTM research also proved that string inverter have become a mainstream application trend in large ground-based power stations.

Ginlong Solis is a photovoltaic enterprise dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, production and sales of series photovoltaic inverters,meanwhile it is also one of the string inverter enterprises with a long history in the world.

global PV string inverters

According to GTM 2016 annual report showed that Ginlong Solis awarded “Top 5 global single-phase string inverter”, accounted for 7% of global market share, whose products are sold to more than 60 countries around the world, awarded the title of “the world’s top inverter brand” by the European research institutions EUPD for three consecutive years , obtained the general customers trust and support.

Due to the Chinese new policy which was released on 31th, May 2018,  newly installed capacity of the domestic photovoltaic industry has been lowered than expected, but Ginlong (Solis) will continue to adhere to the principle, and take the attitude of “integrity first, quality-oriented, scientific management, continuous innovation” to persevere and march forward, hoping to let more people fall in love with the inverters which “made in China”

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