GERC Proposes Fixing Timelines For Rooftop Solar Connections

Highlights :

  • The new proposed rules batted for reducing the time line for Technical Feasibility Report (TFR) from 20 days to 15 days.
GERC Proposes Fixing Timelines For Rooftop Solar Connections Despite National Portal Glitches, India Adds 450 MW RTS Capacity In May

The Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) has now proposed amending its existing rooftop solar and net-metering rules of 2016 to pave the way for fixing timelines for rooftop solar installations. 

The new draft rules proposed that the technical feasibility report (TFR) should be submitted by the discoms within 15 days. This new provision was made to expedite the process of rooftop solar installations. The state commission said that in case the TFR is not submitted within 15 days, it will be deemed that the project is feasible.

This is in contradiction with the original rooftop solar rules of GERC where the total time period for TFR was 20 days. The new rules also proposed new changes 

To fix the timeline for TFR, the GERC has proposed substituting Sub Rule 7 of Rule 11. The new draft proposal said, “ For installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic systems, the technical feasibility study shall be  completed within a period of fifteen days and the outcome of the study shall be intimated to the applicant, failing which it shall be presumed that the proposal is technically feasible.” 

The new draft rules also talked about the smaller rooftop connections that might be installed with TFR. “The applications  for rooftop solar photo voltaic systems up to 10 kW capacity, complete in all respects shall be deemed to have been accepted without  requiring technical feasibility study and any commensurate enhancement of the sanctioned load of the consumer, as may be required, shall be carried out by the distribution licensee,” the new proposed provisions said. 

The new proposed rules also said that after the installation of the rooftop systems, the consumers need to submit the installation certificate to such discoms and the discoms need to complete signing of the connection agreement, installation of meter and commissioning of the systems within 15 days from the data of submission of the installation certificate. 

The new proposed rules also sought to reduce the timelines in different phases ranging from system strengthening by discoms, intimation to applicant on completion of work, intimation to field officer, report from field, intimation to GEDA or issuance of the commissioning certificate. 

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