GE Renewable Energy To Upgrade 39 Substations In Nepal

GE Renewable Energy To Upgrade 39 Substations In Nepal

GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions Business is set to modernise 39 substations in Nepal, providing a boost to the country’s power transmission and distribution infrastructure. Supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the project includes construction of six Master Control Centers (MCCs) that will be monitored by GE Digital Solutions.

A Modern Power Infrastructure for Nepal

  • GE Renewable Energy has been selected to upgrade and modernise 39 substations in Nepal.
  • This project is expected to enhance the country’s power transmission and distribution system, making it more reliable, efficient and resilient.
  • The modernisation will include the installation of advanced technology systems, such as digital control systems, advanced protection and control systems and SCADA systems.

Benefits for Nepalese Consumers

  • The modernisation of the substations will result in improved power supply, reduced outages and increased network reliability for Nepalese consumers.
  • This project will also provide a foundation for the integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid, helping to reduce the country’s carbon footprint.
  • With a more robust power infrastructure, Nepal will be better positioned to meet the growing energy demand, improve its competitiveness and drive economic growth.

The project is key to Nepal’s ambitions to add 10,000 MW of fresh energy capacity to its grid, announced back in 2016. The grid will need a lot of strengthening and real time tracking, with plans to export to neighbouring countries, including India, very much on the cards.

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