Funding For Renewable Energy Software Development- Clir Raises C $1.7M

Funding For Renewable Energy Software Development- Clir Raises C $1.7M

Vancouver, Canada based Clir Renewables has announced a Canadian $ 1.7 million debt funding from In yet Silicon Valley bank. The funding dives home just how critical software is becoming to managing and assessing renewable energy performance, as tools like AI, 5G and more make an entry in ever larger ways.

Clir invests in expanding reach of innovative renewable energy optimization software in new markets, targets a 5% increase in global clean energy output.

Clir itself provides  performance assessment software for renewable energy , and expects to use the debt facility from Silicon valley bank to expand and further develop its offerings.

As investment into global renewable energy assets increases, there is a commensurate demand for a better understanding of clean technology performance and revenue management. Clir’s AI-driven platform seeks to generate a complete picture of individual asset and portfolio performance by digitizing each turbine or solar PV cell and its specific environmental context. By analyzing asset data in this context, Clir’s platform can pinpoint whether underperformance is owing to low resource, interference from the surrounding environment, or an issue with the technology itself. Owners can then apply the insights Clir’s analysis generates to increase annual energy production by up to 5%.

This type of technical innovation has a key role to play in establishing the clean, sustainable, and efficient energy system required to meet global power needs whilst decarbonizing.
The data from such software helps  investors to better understand the opportunities in renewable energy investment.

gareth brown, clir

Gareth Brown, CEO, Clir Renewables

Gareth Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Clir, said: “Renewable energy is clearly the only way forward as we look to meet our future energy needs, but the majority of wind and solar projects are performing far below their potential. Clir’s focus is on addressing this shortfall, and, to do so, we must shake out assumptions around the causes of underperformance holding the industry back.

“Clir’s AI-mediated software provides owners with the in-depth analysis they need to identify and fix consistent underperformance hidden in the “noise” of asset data and, ultimately, predict future energy yield more accurately. This doesn’t just result in better financial terms and returns for existing projects but will help drive an increase in investment in renewable energy at a global scale.”

2020 has brought momentum behind Clir, which has now onboarded more than 6GW of wind – including 1GW from offshore projects. The business has expanded into Latin American markets following strong results across Europe and North America and is now investing in expanding its global expertise across wind and solar technologies.

Graeme Millen, Director of Energy and Resource Innovation at Silicon Valley Bank in Canada, commented: “Silicon Valley Bank is thrilled to be working with Clir Renewables as they scale their clean energy asset optimization technology. The continued expansion of zero emission energy generation will be enabled and reinforced by innovative technology like Clir’s.”

Founded in early 2017, Clir now supports over 6 GW of assets worldwide with clients typically seeing increases of up to 5% in Annual Energy Production in the first year.

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