Fuji Electric Showcases PVI1500 Series Central Inverter At REI 2023

Highlights :

  • The inverter is one of the few Central Inverters being showcased at the show, where string inverters usually dominate
  • Energy-efficient PCS, fault-tolerant, 3 level inverter helps the inverter to achieve higher efficiency.

Fuji Electric Showcases PVI1500 Series Central Inverter At REI 2023

Fuji Electric India,a part of the 100-year-old Fuji Electric of Japan, showcased its Central solar inverter PV 1500 series at the Renewable Energy India Expo being held at Greater Noida from October 4 to 6. The new product extends Fuji Electric India’s expertise to the solar power industry with a focussed portfolio. The central inverter from Fuji compliments a limited but powerful lineup of central inverters from firms like Fimer, Sineng, and Sungrow, in a category where they ceded significant ground to string inverters in recent years.

Speaking about the launch, ShivaJi Waghmare, CEO, Fuji Electric India, “We have ventured into this sector, focussing on developing a high-efficiency power conditioning system (PCS), incorporating internally produced power semiconductors. Fuji Electric holds a notable 15% market share in Japan, reflecting its commitment to delivering reliable solutions. We wish to replicate that in India.”

Power conditioning system (PCS) is a critical component of solar power generation. PCS converts DC power generated by solar panels into AC power for practical use, making its efficiency and capacity pivotal factors in the overall effectiveness of solar energy facilities.

Fuji Electric India specializes in streamlining the operations and maintenance of solar power generation facilities, ensuring their long-term stability and efficiency.

Central inverter manufacturers have had to contend with increasingly versatile and cost effective string inverters in recent years, and with capacity for power capacity for string inverters rising steadily to over 350kW, the utility space is no longer the preserve of central inverters. For Fuji Electric, the fight is especially tough as the firm banks on its Japanese lineage and reputation for high quality in a market that is driven by value, more often than not.

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