French Company Webdyn brings efficient solar energy to India

French Company Webdyn brings efficient solar energy to India

The French company, Webdyn of high customer value into the field of M2M connect and remote monitoring systems has entered in India with its product WebdynSun seeking India as the growing & hot market for Solar and hence the O&M activities for solar to get the maximum out of the solar energy.

WebdynSun seeking India

Webdyn is a research oriented company which designs, industrializes material and embedded software solutions for M2M Communication and has a strong presence in France and other European countries since the last 15 years. The company is a European leader of supplying multi-protocols concentrators and sensors that cover all the applications of teleservice and monitoring.

Also present for over a year in India, Webdyn helps its clients with monitoring management of their solar plants, collecting heterogeneous data on the field and delivering it via Ethernet or GPRS to a monitoring portal.

Indeed, to optimize the production, the output and the quality of service of a solar power plant, a good monitoring analysis of the PV system is required. To enable this, it is necessary to collect three main levels of data:

  • Meters that provide the exact status of the production or consumption and working information
  • Parameters and alarms that come from the central device of installation, like inverters in a solar plant, to have a better view of the equipment situation
  • Environmental information coming from sensors (irradiance, temperature, hygrometry, wind speed, etc)

To help with the smart collection of data, Webdyn has developed two main products:


The WebdynSun gateway is used to monitor and collect data from a solar plant installation. The gateway brings together on a single unit all the indicators from the inverters, the electric meters and the environmental sensors (sunshine intensity, temperature, wind speed, etc.) through a set of multiprotocol interfaces (specific inverter protocol, Modbus, wired).


The WebdynModbus gateway enables to manage or collect data from Modbus equipment (slaves). On a single box, the gateway includes a RTU Modbus and TCP Modbus interface and Ethernet and GPRS interfaces to communicate with the information system.

With already almost 100 sites set up across the country, the company is working with several clients in the area of Solar & Renewable energies such as Sterling & Wilson, CleanMax Energy, Renew Power, Waaree, Amplus Solar. Discussions are also underway with Indian inverter suppliers to distribute WebdynSun gateways which can be integrated into their solutions.

India is a key market for Webdyn states Mr. Hervé Bibollet, Managing Director of the company: “We are flattered by the acceptance of our products in the Indian market and very honored to contribute at our level, in the implementation of the announced commitments by the Government of India to the United Nations on solar energy. We will make every effort to make this a long term commitment, particularly by manufacturing our products in India hopefully by the end of this year.


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