Four Offshore Farms from Orsted to Double Denmark’s Wind Power

Four Offshore Farms from Orsted to Double Denmark’s Wind Power Orsted Marks Entry into UK

Denmark-based energy firm Orsted has revealed that it has four new planned offshore wind farms in the works. The wind farms will bring up Denmark’s wind power production to twice its current generation. The initiative will also reduce Denmark’s reliance on Russia for oil and gas.

Orsted has joined hands with investment fund Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners to construct the four wind farms with capacity worth 5.2 GW. The wind farms will be operational by 2028.

Denmark has been committed to its efforts towards accelerating the transition to renewable energy. In August this year, the country announced that it was augmenting its wind power from 2 to 3 GW off the Bornholm Island in the Baltic Sea. This would also be the site for an energy island that will be linked to the German power grid.

To further accelerate its efforts towards the transition to renewable energy, two other agreements were signed this year for the establishment of offshore wind projects. One of these agreements is with Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Under the agreement, wind turbines will be installed and these will generate close to 150 GW of wind power in the North Sea by year 2050. The other agreement was signed with countries enveloping the Baltic Sea. This will pave the way for increasing the offshore wind capacity by sevenfold by year 2030, taking it up to 20 GW.

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