FIMER to Introduce PV & E-Mobility Solutions on European Stage

Highlights :

Key features of FIMER FLEXA Home:

  • Plug&Play: Ready to use up to 2.3 kW
  • Load management: Dynamic management of charge profiles to avoid exceeding contractual limits.
  • Bluetooth connection through a dedicated App
  • Built-in power cord
  • Robust and safe: IP55, IK08
  • MyFIMERCharger: Dedicated and customizable App
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Complete integration with FIMER PV systems
  • Eco-Friendly thanks to the recycled enclosure and packaging
  • Customizable to satisfy customers’ needs

FIMER FLEXA AC Station 2.0:

  • Robustness and reliability (IP55, IK10, Antitamper, all protection, monitoring and diagnostic systems are still included)
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Modem 4G, optical fiber connectivity
  • Backend connection via OCPP 1.6 Json; ISO 15118 and OCPP 2.0 ready
  • Master/Slave functionality
  • Dynamic Load Management
  • 7″ TFT display, buttons, audio kit
  • Configuration with dedicated tools and MyFIMERCharger App
  • New customizable design
  • Possibility of PV+BES integration


FIMER to Introduce PV & E-Mobility Solutions on European Stage FIMER to Introduce PV & E-Mobility Solutions on European Stage

Solar Inverter firm FIMER, confirming its presence at the largest European event dedicated to the energy sector, said that it is set to launch new solutions for the solar and EVI markets. These will be showcased at The Smarter Europe 2023 scheduled from the June 14 to 16, 2023 in Munich.

FIMER Offerings

The firm will present the concept of its new three-phase hybrid inverter PVS-75/125 designed for the photovoltaic C&I segment and the latest EV charging solutions FIMER FLEXA Home and FIMER FLEXA AC Station 2.0.

At Intersolar Europe 2023, FIMER will present the concept of the new PVS-75/125 Hybrid Inverter.

At the FIMER booth, visitors will have the opportunity to view the concept of the new hybrid inverters PVS-75/125, designed to be light and compact, developed in three power sizes (75 kW, 100 kW and 125 kW) to satisfy the requirements of any PV project belonging to the Commercial & Industrial segment, and available to order in early 2024.

The event will also be the chance to view the single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverters PowerUNO and PowerTRIO (with power sizes from 2 kW to 10 kW) and the high voltage modular battery PowerX which provides one of the highest energy storage capacities for the residential segment on the market, up to 75 kWh, and guarantees a quick and easy installation as per the firm.

Finally, not to be missed are the three-phase string inverters PVS-10/33, available in six power sizes – from 10 to 33 kW – and designed to satisfy the requirements of any solar plant, both new and existing.

E-Mobility Solutions at POWER2DRIVE 2023

At Power2Drive 2023, the firm will introduce FLEXA Home, the new wall-mounted charging device specific for residential installations, and FLEXA AC Station 2.0, the charging station which suits any application, from residential to C&I, from corporate to public parking.

FIMER FLEXA Home is a simple and flexible charging solution, ideal for private settings, informs the firm. With its compact and minimal design, the new FIMER wallbox is a Plug & Play system, extremely easy to install (even without skilled professionals) with power up to 2.3 kW, which can be increased up to 7.4 kW simply by changing the power connector.

With the Dynamic Power Management functionality, it is possible to dynamically manage house loads without exceeding the contractual limits of the energy provider, avoiding blackouts. The quick installation kit allows the FLEXA Home and its holster to be installed in an easy and rapid manner and once powered, the device will be ready for use. The power cable is equipped with a temperature sensor which is integrated in the Schuko plug and prevents dangerous overheating during operation.

This new wallbox is designed to integrate with FIMER’s REACT 2, PowerUNO and PowerTRIO, allowing the opportunity to store energy and maximize the self-consumption of the solar energy produced by the PV system. Indeed, integrating the wallbox with FIMER’s inverters allows a smart management of household’s loads and of the recharge of electric vehicles by setting priorities based on the user’s needs, for an exceptional optimization of the energy produced thanks to the new functionalities, “BOOST”, “ECO” and “ECO+”.

Informs the firm further that FIMER FLEXA Home is a product with an enclosure and packaging made from 100% recycled materials. With the dedicated App “MyFIMERCharger”, the user can set the device’s operation parameters, monitor its consumption, schedule, start and interrupt the charging process.

FIMER FLEXA AC Station 2.0

Introducing the second generation of FLEXA AC Station, suitable for any field of application, from private to commercial, and comes with new features to ensure maximum connectivity and an exceptional charging experience for the user says FIMER.

FLEXA AC Station 2.0 offers different configurations based on the type of connection and power size, with the opportunity to charge up to two electric vehicles at the same time.

This new charging station by FIMER is robust and safe and maintains the features of its rugged construction and reliability of the previous model (IP55, IK10, Antitamper, protection, monitoring and diagnostic systems), which makes it the ideal solution even for installations in extreme environmental conditions.

With the Master/Slave function and the Dynamic Load Management features, FLEXA AC Station 2.0 allows the charger’s owner to get the most out of the charging infrastructure’s capabilities even when connected with the FLEXA AC Wallbox in a smart and green manner.

FLEXA AC Station 2.0 provides all the connectivity needed through the integration of the OCPP 1.6 Json protocol, and, in the future, thanks to the implementation of the ISO15118, the charger is compatible with OCPP 2.0 Json protocols. It is equipped with a 7” TFT display with buttons, plus allows the installation of an audio kit to offer users a unique and intuitive charging experience.

The Station is entirely customizable by selecting its color, applying a company logo and the ability to customize the display graphics on the screen.

FLEXA AC Station 2.0 can be set up through the MyFIMERCharger App, which is supported by dedicated software that enables the programming, management and monitoring of the charging process. The Station integrates, just as all other FIMER EV charging solutions, with the e-smartOPT portal by Fortech, allowing to connect up to 12 charging devices and manage the payment through the same portal quickly and easily, without registering on apps or web portals.

FIMER will take part in the 2023 Edition with two booths at the Intersolar Europe event, where customers will be able to discover the products developed for the photovoltaic sector, and one at the event Power2Drive Europe, which will be entirely dedicated to FIMER’s EVI solutions and their integration with PV systems. The booths can be viewed at Intersolar Europe in Hall B4 – Booth 340 and Power2Drive Europe in Hall B6 – Booth 574.

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