EV Battery Swapping Firm Esmito Ties Up With Zepto To Reduce Charging Downtime 

Highlights :

Under the partnership, the two wheeler EVs of Zepto will use the battery swapping services of Esmito.

EV Battery Swapping Firm Esmito Ties Up With Zepto To Reduce Charging Downtime  Esmito is all set to offers its battery swapping solutions for Zepto

Esmito, an Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Swapping Solutions firm, has partnered with popular delivery partner Zepto. Under the partnership, Esmito will help the e-delivery partner fleets to use the services of its battery-swapping solutions for uninterrupted mobility. 

The firm said that the partnership would likely pave the way to reduce the downtime of Zepto’s two-wheeler EVs due to the time taken to charge their batteries. Under the battery swapping partnership, instead of mandatorily plugging these vehicles for charging, the drivers can now use the battery swapping facilities to replace their discharged batteries and take the charged batteries to continue their services.

On the other hand, these battery swapping stations maintained by Estmito will charge all incoming discharged batteries and give the charged batteries to the EV users from the delivery company. 

“This partnership will help Zepto’s delivery partners work with zero charging downtime and simultaneously provide significant positive climate impact with each commercial delivery e2W saving 3.6 Kg GHG emissions per day. In addition, swapping will be a key game changer in the Commercial B2B segment as this is the most price sensitive and performance demanding segment for 2/3 e vehicles,” the firm said in a media statement.

Prabhjot Kaur, Founder of Esmito, termed the partnership a proud moment. She said the firm would look forward to serving the EV seekers in the coming days. 

Nevertheless, the Union government is also working to boost the penetration of battery swapping stations across the country by dolling out new incentives for the alternate system to EV charging which can reduce EV downtime. In addition, NITI Aayog also developed a roadmap on EV battery swapping to boost such ventures across the country for faster adoption of EVs.

Several State EV Policies, like the latest EV Policy of Tamil Nadu, have announced giving special incentives for these battery swapping stations at par with the EV battery charging stations to increase their penetration in the state. 

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