European Solar Power Market, Forecast to 2025

European Solar Power Market, Forecast to 2025

This research presents an analysis of the European solar power market.This study includes an in-depth analysis of the market with a specific focus on nine countries—Austria, BelgiumGermanyItalyUnited KingdomFranceSpainTurkeyand the Netherland—besides the Nordic Countries and Rest of Europe.

European Solar Power Market

End-user groups are residential, commercial & industrial and utility scale.Installed capacity and expected trends in end-user segments vary across countries.

Application and technology are covered from the EU perspective. This study provides the description and analysis of the European solar power market at the top-level, as well as at the regional market level.

Following a significant drop in capacity addition in 2016, the European solar PV industry staged a recovery in 2017 by adding 8.6 GW solar capacity. The region is expected to add 16.5 GW by 2025 and grow at a CAGR of 8.4%. The European solar market generated €9.64 billion in 2017. It is expected to perform well in 2018 and generate revenue of €11.7 billion, increasing by 23.3% over the previous year.

Continuing declines in solar PV costs, re-modelled support schemes and regulations, and energy storage alternatives are the key drivers for the market. Self-funding, power purchase agreements (PPAs) and leasing will remain the main financing models in EU countries. New business models such as on-site direct wire mini PPAs will be used to overcome regulatory barriers.

The research methodology adopted is a combination of primary and secondary research. Secondary research involves desk-based research.

Primary research involves interaction with market participants and getting their perspective and feedback on our analysis.

Research Scope
This study will provide an in-depth analysis on the solar photovoltaic industry in terms of revenue and annual capacity additions and also talk about interesting trends technologies driving the growth of the European solar market. These insights will aid clients in identifying growth opportunities, promising areas and right technology/solutions to invest in; choose the addressable markets; and also develop innovative business models.

Key Issues Addressed

  • Is the European solar power market growing, how long will it continue to grow, and at what rate?
  • Are the existing competitors structured correctly to meet customer needs?
  • Will these companies, products and applications continue to exist?
  • What are the key drivers and restraints affecting the solar power market?
  • Are the technologies offered today meeting customer needs or are additional development needed?
  • How are the growth trends for solar power different in developed and developing markets?

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