Energy Modeling Platform PLEXOS Signs Up Tata Power In India

Energy Modeling Platform PLEXOS Signs Up Tata Power In India
Australia based Energy Exemplar, a developer of the PLEXOS modeling platform, has signed a one-year deal with Tata Power Ltd, India’s largest integrated power company, which will use the platform to optimize its power portfolio and undertake round-the-clock renewable energy modeling in a one-year deal.
Formerly called Drayton Analytics, Energy Exemplar calls PLEXOS the mot widely used energy market software in the world. The firm claims over 1,500 users from over 400 organizations across 62 countries.

Energy demand in India has more than doubled between 2000 and 2020 and in the upcoming two decades, it’s anticipated to experience the most significant surge in energy demand globally. To address this, the government has outlined goals to incorporate 500 GW of non-fossil fuel energy by 2030, with plans to tender as much as 50 GW of renewable energy annually from fiscal years 2023-24 through 2027-28.

To pave the way for renewable energy power deployment, India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy issued guidelines for the bidding process for round-the-block projects.
PLEXOS, Energy Exemplar’s market-leading modeling software, can help decision-makers predict how future events will affect energy supply, demand and pricing and what is needed to onboard new energy sources.

Energy Exemplar CEO David Wilson and COO Prajval Parthasarathy, ran a three-day PLEXOS training and certification event earlier this month. At the event, Energy Exemplar certified more than 100 new users of the platform.
Tata Power will also carry out ongoing renewable energy modeling for government bidding and hybrid projects and optimize operations at its hydro power plants, which are in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra.
David Wilson, CEO at Energy Exemplar, said: “This agreement with Tata Power demonstrates our ability to serve India at scale and be a key part of enabling the energy transition. It’s been great to see the momentum building in India”.

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